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Nokia 2730 Classic Review

The Nokia 2730 Classic is a 3G handset which comes in a compact & sophisticated casing. It comes in two colour options which include a black coloured casing, or a dark magenta coloured casing which will suit those users that want to stand out in a crowd. Its bar shaped casing weighs only 87.7 grams & its overall dimensions are 14.4mm deep by 109.6mm tall by 46.9mm wide which makes it an easy to carry & handle handset. The 2730 Classic is from the same Nokia range as the Nokia 2700 Classic & the Nokia 2720 Fold which are all compact handset from this stylish range. The Nokia 2730 Classic comes with a two Inch colour screen which has a screen resolution of 320 pixels by 240 pixels which allows the user to view pictures & videos with a clear screen resolution display. A battery is provided with the handset & can be fully charged via the main adapter. When fully charged the user can enjoy approximately 3 hours of 3G talk time or up to 7 hours of GSM talk time.

The Nokia 2730 Classic comes with a built in GPS navigation feature complete with Nokia Maps application. An integrated phone book feature can hold up to one thousand contacts & the user can enjoy selection & viewing contacts complete with images. The Nokia 2730 Classic comes with a speaker phone facility which allows the user of this handset to take a call over the phones speakers, which means the user can enjoy a call without holding the handset to their ear. When the user wishes to communicate with more than one contact at a time the perfect solution is to have a conference call which allows the user to chat with up to six contacts on one call & is ideal for making arrangements or having a meeting type call. The 2730 Classic comes with an integrated FM radio which supports a radio RDS function allowing the user to view radio information which is provided by the radio station the users is listening to. A built in music player provides an easy to use music feature allowing the user to enjoy music on the move. The music player supports many music playback formats including MP3, AAC & WAV to name a few. 
It comes with 30 megabytes of built in memory & the Nokia 2730 Classic has a memory card slot which allows the user to insert a memory card up to 2 Gigabytes in size. The phone works
on a GSM quad band network as well as a UMTS network. The user can use their phone over a GSM or 3G network depending on the user's individual needs. This handset complete with 3G technology provides the user with fast Internet connectivity & a phone which supports high speed multitasking skills. The built in EDGE technology & GPRS technology provide the user with high speed transfer rates. The user can connect to other devices using a cabled USB connection or by using a wireless Bluetooth® connection. A Bluetooth® connection can be enjoyed with devices which are up to ten metres apart & both devices must support Bluetooth® technology. If the user wishes to surf the Web then the integrated Web browser is accessible via the phone's main menu & allows the user to experience a HTML & XHTML Web surfing experience. The user can communicate with others via the built in messaging services which include an email service, multimedia messaging services, enhanced picture messaging, text messaging & the Nokia 2730 Classic supports Windows Live Messenger which is an instant messaging service.

An integrated camera feature allows the user to use a two megapixel camera feature which is built into the handset & allows the user to take a quick high quality snap on the go. This built in camera comes with many user friendly & convenient camera features which will assist the user to capturing the perfect picture. A 4 x digital zoom allows the user to zoom in & out when taking a shot. The camera settings include a white balance setting, light mode setting & a colour mode setting. As well as supporting still picture capture the built in 2 megapixel camera supports high quality video recording capabilities. The user can record video at up to ten frames per second & the user can use a zoom function when recording video footage. The 2730 Classic supports video streaming & high quality video playing capabilities. If a fun gaming experience is what you desired then the 2730 Classic comes with a wide selection preinstalled games including Rally Star, Snake III & Diamond Rush to name a few.

Reference Price: Rp. 890,000  -  Second: Rp. 700,000


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