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Nokia 3720 Classic Review

As one of the Classic series mobile phone, still presents 3270 nan exclusive oval design. Is one side that distinguishes this with mobile phone outdoors from other vendors. Although classified as an outdoor mobile phone, still presented a sweet design. Practical the body is not too tough, because even tend ergonomic material combines classic looks solid and charming.

On the other hand, as a tough phone, the Nokia 3720 classic was designed like this to face water, dust and can survive in extreme situations. Rear body feels sturdy and solid, made of hard materials like granite materials.

Casing behind locked with special keys that can lock firmly, so that it can prevent water and dust into it. Body periphery surrounded by a rubber casing that serves as a barrier to dust and water.

Still on the body side, slightly to the front fitted with a metal layer that forms a frame with the position jutting out. Thus, cross-sectional front of the phone remain protected because its position is more sunken into the fenced off as the metal casing.

Part microUSB port and 2.5 mm jack in the bottom side is also protected with a layer of rubber. Unfortunately, the charger port remained outside, keeping it particularly vulnerable to water.

Expanse of the phone’s keypad is made of hard plastic material that is comfortable when pressed by a finger. Each section is made separately and the prominent elongated form, this ease of use.

While support 2.2-inch screen with QVGA resolution and 16 million colors on this phone still pretty sight even though by the sun. A better value considering this phone is intended for users who daily more often in outdoor conditions.

With the latest S40 user interface, the Nokia 3720 classic has a menu display is easy to operate. Users can find the latest Nokia distinctive icon. Several things can be done starting from setting homescreen, personalize the main pageview and create a shortcut.

For a middle-class phone, a camera that brought the Nokia 3720 classic adequate. Among other powerful lens resolution 1200×1600 pixels (2 megapixels) plus flash LED.

In indoor conditions (low light), camera phone snapshots are able to obtain sufficient illumination. But the photos are actually quite bright and clear even decorated reduced noise and sharpness.
While in outdoor conditions, the result is excellent picture. The level of sharpness and image diperolah results can still comparable to other Nokia phone class.

Optimization of the camera’s ability tend standards. Only just a few options such as self timer, effects, white balance. Laind than that, no reliable than the Nokia 3720 classic camera.

Fortunately, this phone can be used to record video with a QCIF resolution in 3gp format. But please note, the results are somewhat haltingly, it is because the frame rate is only 15 fps.

Nokia 3720 classic is also equipped with a music player. With few options that can display all selected tracks by song, artist, album and genre. Also equipped with equalizer and stereo widening.

Output or loudspeaker emitted the sound was not too hard but pretty hard because the speakers separate from the ear. We heard via the headset via the ports of 2.5 mm, the composition of music (treble and bass) were more leverage.

Not only that, there is also an FM radio as an alternative to other entertainment. as usual, to access the radio, a user must first plug the headset that functions as an antenna. This was supported radio RDS technology.

Treat access to mobile data services have not reached this level of 3G. Yet the network via EDGE, users can enjoy cruising the Internet in a higher speed than GPRS.

In addition, the Nokia 3720 classic is armed with Opera Mini 4.1. With this third-party applications, access data faster than the browser who also had congenital buried.

Nokia 3720 classic also has been equipped to support A2DP Bluetooth to transfer data or documents wirelessly. Not to forget port data cable to transfer data via PCs. Unfortunately, vendors do not include the data cable in the sales package.

Application and Installation
Nokia 3720 calssic already supporting Java MIDP 2.0 technology. Therefore, the user the opportunity to install the Java application is relatively open and spacious. Especially for applications that are compatible with mobile phone capabilities.

More than that, some innate beneficial applications embedded in this phone. Such as the availability of Nokia Maps is useful to provide guidance Mobi Nokia like Nokia, Ovi contacts, up to Share on Ovi and Windows Live Messenger. include other features such as flashlights, games and others.

Nokia 3720 classic uses a lithium ion battery 1050 mAh, large enough when compared to other mobile phone class. This capacity is enough to supply power to hold the phone over 3 days in normal use.

In terms of body strength, this phone is pretty secure. Nokia 3720 classic has been tested and certified according to international standards which require IP54 level protection against dust and water. Also meet the requirements of protection against impact. But do not soak it!

Unfortunately, for the data storage business, the Nokia 3720 Classic only provide internal memory capacity of 20 MB. But still, this phone has an external memory port and is also a microSD card with 1GB capacity in the sales package.

Price: Rp. 1,300,000  -  Second Rp. 1,050,000


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