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Nokia E75 Review

The Nokia E75 is the latest Nokia Smart phone and was announced at the mobile world congress. It is another member of the nokia e-series along with the Nokia E55 which is due out around the same time as the Nokia E75 and just before the Nokia E63 and Nokia E52. The Nokia E75 is about an average size for a smart phone being 14.4mm x 11.8mm x 50mm wide. When the E75 is open to display the QWERTY keyboard it becomes 80mm wide. The handset can be used in a horizontal or vertical position, obviously if you are typing a text message you would want to use the QWERTY keyboard so would therefore be using the E75 in a horizontal position. This E75 3G smartphone beauty comes in a choice of 3 colours, copper yellow, silver black or red, we have features the red casing in our pictures. There is a 2.4 inch screen using 16 million colours on a LCD display, not the biggest screen we have seen to date but perfectly fine and easy to use. The homesrceen can be customized to however you find it easiest to use the phone, there are 2 screen options supported. Navigating the menu on the Nokia E75 is easy by making use of the Navi™ key. Having the Navi™ key allows nokia to drastically reduce the number of keys on the handset because the user interface is intuitive, it will show options on the screen that are related in some way to what function on the E75 you are currently using. The majority of functions can therefore be activated by just pressing the Navi™ key, meaning less key required overall. The on board QWERTY keyboard slides out of the side of the nokia e75 and is great if you write a lot of text messages and emails, makes inputting text a lot quicker. This nokia phone is running using Symbian 9.3 operating system with S60 software. The joy of S60 software is that it is extendable and you can use multiple applications at the same time, without worrying about shutting down previous applications, this is limited by the hardware on your handset though. The E75 is a good sized smartphone which measures 111.8mm tall by 14.4mm deep which is 50mm wide when in its slide closed position & 80mm wide when in its slide open position. The one touch key on the Nokia E75 will allow you to use the calendar and email features with one touch, although that is fairly obvious by the name of the key!

Nokia have splashed out and included a stereo headset and 4 GB MicroSD™ memory card in the box, obviously you get a battery and charger as you would expect. There is a user guide included in the package and the internet if the guide makes no sense, as they won’t include any bugs with this.

Internet & Connectivity
Being quad band you will be able to use the Nokia E75 all over the world, 3G where available else it will switch to 2G. If you want to stay in touch with your business by email or internet then the E75 has Nokia web browsing, WI-FI, GPRS and HSDPA all of which will help you get speedy connection to the internet. The browser on the E75 support HTML, XHTML, WML and CSS, you don’t need to know what these technologies are to use them, it basically means most web pages will display correctly on the screen. Another great business tool would be the office document viewer, allowing you to view or send work documents instantly and a dedicated email key to sent messages with ease. You won't get lost on your way to a meeting with the AGPS and Nokia maps are built-in so you can keep one step ahead. Connecting to other compatible devices from the nokia E75 is easy with the USB connection, plus there is a cable provided with the phone. If you prefer to do this wirelessly then you could use Bluetooth® as long as the device you are trying to connect too also support Bluetooth®.

Messaging Services & camera
Keep in touch with message formats which could include SMS, MMS, Email, IM and text-to-speech reader. Don't miss a call as the Nokia E75 should cover quad-band GSM850/900/1800/1900 and dual-band WCDMA900/2100 so you should be able to use your phone in most countries. The Nokia E75 has been built with email in mind offering support for POP3, SMTP and Mail for exhange. Some other great features to be on the Nokia E75 are a 3.2 mega pixel camera with auto focus, LED flash and digital zoom, as well as a video recorder with Hi-resolution VGA and video streaming. If you like to listen to music when you travel there should be a Music player supporting formats such as MP3 and AAC as well as FM radio, Nokia podcast and windows media player. Customise Nokia E75 with a ringtone with polyphonic, MP3 or even video or talking ringtones. There are also some great application tools such as dual mode that lets you change between personal and work emails and you can have two home screens one for business and one for pleasure.

Gaming & Applications
The main application on the Nokia E75 is QuickOffice. This software allows you to create, edit and update Microsoft Office documents like text documents and Spreadsheets. It would be difficult and time consuming to use this software to create elaborate documents but it is perfectly fine for making the odd update while on the move. The applications included within the QuickOffice suite are Quickbook for text files, Quicksheet for spreadsheets and Quickpoint for your presentation files, in other words, powerpoint files. Many users will also be glad to here that support is provided for Zip files and PDF files. Recently I have received lots of emails with these file types attached and been unable to open them which is really annoying. You won’t have this problem on the Nokia E75 as ZIP manager and PDF viewer are installed on the E75.

Price: Rp. --  
Second: Rp. 1,850,000


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