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How to Customize Free Ringtones

Many people are into using the cellular phones nowadays. It is without a doubt that having one is becoming a necessity may it be for personal use or even for business. It would bring more fun to someone if they could personalize the settings of their cell phones starting with its ringtones.

Having your ringtones when your friends or acquaintances call you makes the call more personal. Mp3 ringtones can sound much better than the usual beeps and monotone ringtones that can be a preset from your mobile phone.

Buying out ringtones may be quite expensive especially on certain online stores for they usually charge double for a song clip to your cell phone. Having to move through the hassle of free ringtones downloads may seem risky too. You may not know if what you will download will be clean out of virus that may infect your computer and even your phone as well. But is there a way for us to have free ringtones without paying double for it or risking our computers for viruses? Well the answer to this is -Yes, we do. Here are some ways for you to get free ringtones for your cell phone.
  • This is for songs from a CD that you want to convert into your personalized ringtones. If you want a particular song turned to your ringtone then you need to have it be converted to WAV format for Windows or AIFF file format for Mac users.
  • Once you have chosen the song you need to use the iTunes' ripping function in File/Preference/Advanced/Importing. Before ripping the song file, set the "rip to" folder into another file location such as File/Preference/Advanced/General in order for it to not be scrambled with your collection.
  • If your mobile phone is able to handle audio files in MP3 format for its ringtones, then all you need to do is to just copy the MP3 file into a new folder before you proceed with the editing. Having another copy before you proceed with the ringtones editing process will enable you to save your original music collection and maintain its version unaffected.
  • Audio editing can now begin using any audio-editing software that allows you to export the files in MP3 format. Audacity is good audio-editing software for audio file editing and conversion. You also need to download the LAME MP3 codec for Audacity to encode other audio files to MP3 format.
  • Run Audacity then proceed to the Audacity/Preference menu. Select the Find Library button and look for the LAME Library and select it.
  • Set the bit rate to 128 kbps and then open the song that you ripped from the CD then click the cursor to find the selection wherein the ringtones should start. Highlight the phrase of the song that ranges from 10 to 15 seconds or so then press space bar to hear a preview of what will be your new ring tone.
  • Once you are done finding the right phrase of the song, proceed to finalize it by exporting the audio clip to MP3. Now you now have new free ringtones that you can sync from your PC to your mobile phone.
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