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HTC Touch Pro Review

HTC Touch Pro is the newest model from HTC Touch Cruise  which has long exist. Of course at this time it is released with more advantages. In previous time, Touch 3G has been launched to improve the focus system on the Touch network. But, some people say that Touch Pro will become the most perfect model of HTC Touch. Let’s see more.

Different with the previous versions, Touch Pro desaign looks unique. It has trapezium model with larger size, and also has QWERTY keyboard slider on the back side. This concept have often shown on the previous HTC smart phone like S740, but on the Touch Pro you will find TouchFlo feature as one characteristics Touch devices, combined with interesting design.

Touch Pro seems want to show more about the multimedia side. But honestly, it’s big size just disturb the appearance, moreover if this is compared with the business mobile phone which usually have slim body. But you need to know that this large size could support the QWERTY keyboard.

Actually the QWERTY keyboard on Touch Pro is the plus value. The model looks like keyboard on a laptop or computer. Lamp effect which is shown on the S740 is also given to Touch Pro for helping us, so we could typing faster with clear notification.

Like the previous version, Touch Pro is a pocket PC device. The operating system using Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. The main characteristic of this device are the touch screen facility and Pro also have this with 65.536 color TFT screen with VGA resolution. This is larger than the Blackberry Curve and Bold Javelin.

The touch screen complete the interface of Touch Pro. You could access the menus via touchscreen or by using QWRTY keyboard via D-pad on the bottom panel.

In addition, the power of Touch Pro is in the TouchFlo feature that could work like an Apple iPhone. For you who feel more comfort using the stick stylus, Touch Pro still provide this facility although with minimal function.

Processor and memory
Touch Pro use Qualcomm MSM 7201A 528 MHz, the same with S740. The RAM is quite large, about 288MB DDR. The interesting part, Touch Pro has separate 64 MB RAM chip just for graphics need, so that will not influence the phone perform. The RAM separation could produce good quality of the image.

Excellent features
Mobile office
The Windows mobile on this product have been supported with office document formats. So we can process words, excel, and powerpoint. It is also supported by the interface technology includes QWERTY keyboard, touch screen, and virtual keyboard like the other pocketPc.

Email and data channel
Touch pro has better ability than HTC Touch. This is proved by the availability of 3G HSDPA network on the cell phone. The data transfer speed reaches 7.2 Mbps. With HSDPA you can get various videocall services such as 3G, video streaming, and internet browsing at high speed via Pocket IE and Opera. So, no wonder if this cell phone provide You Tube service in pre-install system.
However Touch Pro is a Windows Mobile device, so there are no many things we can do with email facilities. But, don’t worry you can still enjoy the private email from this Cell phone by install the email services from yahoo, google or hotmail easily.

Believe it or not, HTC product always give more multimedia facilities than other PDA cell phone. And this is the key of HTC. There are audio player that is integrated with TouchFlo theme, audio booster that can improve audio quality via headset, then video streaming, and windows media player mobile. Touch Pro also has 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera, FM radio, mp3 trimer, and other applications.

Touch Pro provide all kind of connections in a cell phone. There are USB cable, Bluetooth 2.0 version, WIFI IEEE 802.11 b/g and TV out. But for TV out, HTC doesn’t provide it in one pack.

This cell phone is completed with GPS receiver, but the function becoming less because it is not completed with navigation features and digital map.

As a mobile phone, Touch Pro almost have complete features. There are trusted OS, HSDPA, slide mechanism, multimedia, camera, WIFI, and all of them spend a lot of energy. The battery is lithium ion 1340 mAh. For once charging, it can be last until 2 and a half days for normal used.

Price: Rp. 3,000,000  -  Second Rp. 2,000,000


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