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Samsung OmniaPRO B7320 Review

Samsung omnia success with its smartphone apparently lead the seller to the use of this new line omnia. Just a series of next omnia Samsung has done, from Samsung Omnia II, Samsung omnia Pro B7320, Pro B7610 Samsung Omnia Samsung Omnia Lite.

Omnia line offered by Samsung, the only possible omnia Pro B7320 series the most different in comparison with the other four series omnia. This is because any other form of candybar omnia Pro B7320 complete with QWERTY keyboard as well, so impressive that the model is quite similar to the competition, Blackberry.

OmniaPRO The Samsung B7320 is a GSM phone messaging has a dynamic display and an ergonomic QWERTY keyboard. This messaging phone features a 3.0 megapixel CMOS camera with auto-focus and video capture. OmniaPRO The Samsung B7320 also offers high-speed HSDPA data, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, FM radio with RDS and a microSD card slot.

Compared with the Samsung i780, Samsung Omnia Pro B7320 seems to be a little thicker and “pudgy”. I do like the color brown, but again, I do not like the design of the keyboard. It is also a pity that Samsung dropped optical D-pad with a regular. There were good with their Samsung Homescreen. Apart from the directional pad, two buttons flanking the D-Pad, Homescreen a button, a back button, and buttons for calling and purpose.

Like what everyone in the United States is thought, the Samsung Omnia Pro B7320 already looks the double of an already existing Samsung WinMo device that is available on AT & T: Samsung i637 Jack. What is different on the B7320 on the Samsung i637 is the Jack Homescreen. When I saw the picture of the Samsung B7320, I thought it was a touch screen because it has a Homescreen as Samsung TouchWiz. For those who have already been used with the Samsung TouchWiz interface, you may find both the caresses of the screen, forgetting that the B7320 is NOT a touch screen phone. The TouchWiz-like interface on the Omnia Pro B7320 operates using the directional pad. The key to the house would be for you later and widgets by pressing the right button or the center key directional allowing you to take the menus in the context of this widget. It’s a bit confusing at first, and I was like: What was Samsung thinking? The only other thing different on the B7320 to the i637 is that the former has a second camera for video calls, the autofocus of the camera and smile shutter and face detection.

Anyway, after awhile, it gets used to browsing the Homescreen. It’sa nice interface, but it does nothing to conceal the classic WinMo interface. What has been improved even if the picture is on the Homescreen browser widget. As you can see in the picture, you get a CoverFlow interface, such as navigation of your photos using the Homescreen widget. I also like how the skin Samsung Windows Media Player. This is still the Windows Media Player, but you can hardly tell. I wish Samsung would have added their own music player on it.

The device is also an improvement in the i780. There is greater resolution, as I mentioned, adding a smile shutter, face detection, autofocus, etc, I took a sample from, but I think I have removed in May. Anyway, from where I tested the unit was a little dark, the B7320 has not done well compared to the Samsung S8000 Jet, I can not exactly on the quality of the image, but I never had any problems with Samsung’s picture quality before.

At the midway point of navigation of the camera, I fell asleep … Well - almost. It is fair, this seems so plain and boring with nothing new to offer - in short, it’s like a Motorola Q! Make no mistake, it is strong and fast, but I do not know, everything is pretty standard for me. May it be because all the manufacturers, he was dressing windows mobile devices that their return to the old Windows Mobile interface just bored me to tears. Yes there are new applications such as Facebook and Twitter, but I did not really use these social networking sites. Ah yes, there is an FM radio with RDS, HSDPA, WiFi and Bluetooth.

Anyway, the audio quality is passable but at high volumes audio fate metal. I was so bored to tears that I did not even bother to check the browser is a browser Opera.

Reference Price: 1,790,000


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