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HTC HD2 Review

The HTC HD2 is a desirable looking 3G Smartphone which comes with a huge touch screen & a wide selection of Smartphone features. This beautifully designed HTC Smartphone is from the same range as the HTC Touch HD  handset & both handsets come with their own unique features & technologies. The HD2 has a capacitive touch sensitive screen which measures 4.3 Inches diagonally & fills the front section of the casing. This screen supports a high colour display & has a screen resolution of 480 pixels by 800 pixels. Its beautiful touch screen comes complete with highly responsive touch & finger controls allowing the user to zoom in & out of web pages, documents, photos etc. The touch screen supports an automatic rotate function allowing the user to view their huge screen in either horizontal or vertical mode & supports a handwriting recognition feature. The HTC HD2 supports HTC Sense™ which is an intuitive user interface which allows the user to enjoy a personalised home screen, contacts details & history all located together & come with a rather spectacular set of features to amazing its user. HTC Sense lets the user customise their home screen with all their favourite & most frequently used features which can then be located quickly & easily. The HTC HD2 is the first Smartphone to come with a capacitive touch technology on a Windows operated Smartphone. This Smartphone supports a Snapdragon™ processor with a Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional® operating system. Its casing is very slim when considering all it's built in features & technologies as it measures 1.1cm deep by 6.7cm wide by 12.05cm tall.

This amazing 3G Smartphone has a built in Opera Mobile™ browser allowing the user to access the World Wide Web on their handset. Its Internet capabilities allow the user to enjoy a Twitter & YouTube™ compatible Web experience complete with HTC Peep™ support for Twitter, as well as allowing its user to access popular social network websites such as Facebook™. There is a variety of integrated messaging services which allow the user to communicate with others without making a call, as the user can create a message to suit their communication needs. A SMS message can be created on the HD2 & contain text with symbols which can then be sent to a compatible SMS contact. A MMS message can be created using text & sound with either an added photo or video recorded clip, which provides a multimedia type message which can be shared between MMS compatible contacts. The HTC HD2 supports an instant messaging service allowing the user to have a text chat with contacts that are online whilst the user is online, providing a quick & easy method of communication. The HD2 comes with a weather application allowing the user to get weather updates for their chosen destination & this Smartphone provides a rather stunning weather display which has to be seen to be believed.

Its integrated GPS navigation support allows the user to find out exactly where they are located & where they are heading. This navigation feature allows the user to enjoy geo tagging on photos captured & this Smartphone supports a HTC Footprints™ feature. The HD2 has a rechargeable battery which when fully recharged can provide approximately 6.3 hours of GSM talk time or approximately 5.3 hours of 3G talk time. Its standby time can vary between 390 hours & 490 hours depending in the network connectivity the user has chosen to use. When the user wishes to connect their HTC HD2 to another device the user can choose between a wireless Bluetooth® connection & an USB cabled connection. A Bluetooth® connection can be used when the user is connection their Smartphone to a Bluetooth® compatible devices such as a printer, computer or laptop which is up to ten metres away from the handset. A USB connection allows the user to use a USB cable with one end connected into the USB port on the HTC HD2 & the other end of the USB cable connected into a USB port on the user's computer, laptop etc, to gain a cabled connection between the two compatible devices. This Smartphone supports EDGE technology which allows the user to experience a fast data transfer rates when transferring data between two compatible devices. It works over both GSM & 3G networks which cover GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900 as well as WCDMA 900 & WCDMA 2100 networks. The handset supports 3G HSDPA & HSUPA technology which provides ultra fast connectivity for the user to enjoy whilst on the move with this stylish touch screen Smartphone. Its Wi-Fi® capabilities allow the user to experience an Internet connection via a wireless LAN or a hotspot connection.

For entertainment purposes the user can enjoy a selection of user friendly & high quality multimedia & imaging features on their touch screen Smartphone. The HTC HD2 has a built in music player which supports a music storage feature, high quality sound & supports a wide selection of music playback formats. It is easy for the user to add new music to their HTC HD2 as this Smartphone comes with Internet supports allowing the user to download new music & the user can transfer music using either Bluetooth® wireless connectivity or a USB cable connection. The user can enjoy up to 12 hours of music playing time from a fully charged battery. A FM radio feature allows the user to simply tune into their favourite station to listen to the latest releases or hear their favourite interviews & much more. The HD2 comes with 512 megabytes of built in ROM memory & 448 megabytes of RAM memory. This handset also supports an external memory card which allows the user to extend their Smartphone's storage capabilities by inserting a compatible memory card. An integrated video player allows the user to playback videos whilst enjoying a high quality viewing experience on the stunning touch screen. The user can experience up to eight hours of video playback time from a fully charged battery. It's built in camera feature allows its user to capture either a still photo or a moving video recording using the 5 megapixel digital camera feature. This camera comes with a rear facing lens & has a well position capture key for ease of use. The user can select & use the automatic focus feature & dual LED flash to capture a beautifully focused & well lit photo. It's built in video recording capabilities means the user can capture a moving video recording just as easily as capturing a photo & this Smartphone comes with easy to use settings & features to make it a user friendly experience.

Key Features
User Interface HTC Sense™
4.3 Inch 65k Colour Capacitive Touch Sensitive Screen
Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional® Operating System
Size 120.5 x 67 x 11 mm
3G HSDPA & HSUPA Technology
YouTube™, Facebook™ & Twitter Compatible Internet
Wi-Fi® Technology
Music Player
5 Megapixel Camera with Auto Focus & Dual LED Flash
GPS Navigation
Instant Messaging

Price: Rp. 6,000,000  -  Second Rp. 5,000,000


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