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LG GW620 Review

The LG GW620 is a slide opening touch screen 3G Smartphone which has beautifully designed by LG with communication & messaging focused features. Its casing has a smooth & tactile finish which comes in a black casing with a subtle blue coloured keyboard or in a black coloured casing with a stylish silver coloured casing. This GW620 Smartphone is a member of the LG GW range which includes other handsets including the LG GW300 & the LG GW550 which comes with their own set of high quality mobile communication features & technologies. There is a large three Inch touch screen which almost fills the front aspect of the LG GW620 & this touch screen provides a 320 pixel by 480 pixel screen resolution of the user to enjoy a clear viewing experience when viewing videos & graphics on their screen. This touch screen has a responsive touch screen controls which allow the user to guide through menus & features using touch controls. A built in automatic rotate screen function allows the user to rotate their handset to view their screen in either a vertical or a horizontal position. The GW620 supports an Android operating system complete with Microsoft Windows Mobile & the user can enjoy a beautiful user interface for ease of use. A smooth slide out keyboard allows the user to input text at high speed thanks to the keyboards QWERTY key format & well positioned keyboard layout.

This Smartphone supports Wi-Fi® technology which means the handset can connect to a hotspot or WLAN which is nearby allowing the user to gain Internet connectivity without the use of cables & wires. It's built in GPRS technology & EDGE provides high speed transfer rates for the user to enjoy when transferring data files between the GW620 & other devices, such as another mobile phone, computer, printer or much more. To gain a connection between the GW620 & another device the user can use either a micro USB cabled connection or a Bluetooth® wireless connection between devices depending on the other devices connectivity options available. The user can enjoy fast speed Internet connectivity thanks to this Smartphone's built in 3G HSDPA technology. The GW620 works over a quad band GSM networks & a 3G HSDPA 2100 network depending on the users network connectivity needs. It can hold a large amount of external memory which is MicroSD™ type memory & the Smartphone can hold up to sixteen gigabytes externally. A built in GPS navigation feature which supports A GPS allows the user to find new locations & destinations with help from the GPS feature.

The user can find out information & surf the Internet using the WAP browser which provides a XHTML & a HTML Internet experience. A push email service allows the user to create, send & receive emails directly on the LG GW620 complete with email attachments. This Smartphone also supports other messaging services which include an instant messaging service, multimedia messaging service & a text messaging service. The user can use their stunning touch screen when creating a message on their handset or use the slide out QWERTY keyboard when the user wishes to enter text at high speed on this stunning keyboard. An instant messaging service is a text conversation which the user can have with other contacts that are online allowing the user to have an online chat using text & even symbols to communicate.

There is an integrated video playing feature which allows the user to playback their video recordings & videos shared from others or transferred from other devices on their LG GW620. It has a built in music player which allows the user to playback their favourite tunes on their mobile phone & enjoy this entertainment feature when the user is on the move. There is a FM radio feature which supports a RDS feature so the user can view information on their screen which is sent from the radio station the user has chosen to listen to. The information provided by the radio station is relevant to the music playing & also contains information relevant to the radio station. A built in five megapixel camera which has a camera lens on the back of the handset & this feature allows the user to take still pictures & recording moving video footage. The user can use an automatic focus function to ensure a high quality & well focused photo is captured using the integrated camera. Its video recording capabilities allow the user of the LG GW620 to record, edit, store, share this footage with others via the multimedia messaging service or transfer the video recording via the connectivity options available.

Key Features
  • Sleek Touch Screen Slider Phone
  • Full QWERTY Keyboard
  • 3 Inch TFT 262k Colour Touch Screen with Auto Rotate
  • Android OS with Microsoft Windows Mobile
  • 3G HSDPA Technology
  • 5 Megapixel Camera with Video Recording Capabilities
  • Supports MicroSD™ Memory Card up to 16 Gbytes
  • Push Email
Price: Rp. 3,100,000  -  Second Rp. 1,950,000


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