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Nokia N97 Review

The Nokia N97 is an attractive 3G Smartphone designed by Nokia with many built in business & entertainment features to suit today's mobile phone users. The N97 comes in a well proportioned casing which measures 15.9mm deep by 55.3mm wide by 117.2mm tall when in its upright & closed position. The handset has a slide out QWERTY keyboard which slides out of the left hand side of the casing therefore the user can use their Nokia N97 in a horizontal widescreen mode. The widescreen option allows the user to input text at high speeds using the QWERTY keyboard whilst viewing the high quality screen in a widescreen mode. The casing has a solid feel which weighs 150 grams including the fitted battery which is a good weight for a Smartphone with the many capabilities of the N97. The front angle of the handset has a large touch screen complete with call & function keys but almost the whole front section of the N97 is taken up by the stunning touch screen. The screen can be viewed as a beautifully clear widescreen which displays up to 16 million colours on a TFT display. The screen has touch sensitive controls & the user can enjoy a high resolution display of 640 pixels by 360 pixels. This amazing Smartphone is a member of the Nokia N series which includes other handset such as the Nokia N95 & Nokia N96 to name a few of the popular models.

The N97 comes with a fully rechargeable battery which when fully charged can provide up to 5.3 hours of 3G talk time or 6.6 hours of GSM talk time for the user to enjoy but the overall talk time is fully dependant on other features being used by the user. The battery can provide approximately 432 hours of GSM standby time or 408 hours of 3G standby time. The user can enjoy approximately 37 hours of music playing time from a fully charged battery which turns the N97 into a high capable portable music player or the user can enjoy up to 4.5 hours of video playing time from a fully charged battery. This attractive 3G Smartphone comes with a Symbian operating system complete with S60 5th edition software & works on a quad band GSM network & WCDMA 3G network. The N97 covers GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900 & WCDMA 900, WCDMA 1900, WCDMA 2100 networks but the overall network coverage is fully dependent on the chosen network service provider. The WLAN Wi-Fi technology complete with UPnP support allows the user to connect to the Internet via a nearby hotspot connection or via a local WLAN connection which means the user does not need wires to connect to the Internet & gives the user of the N97 the freedom to connect to the Internet when the user is between destinations. The user can connect to the Internet when they are in the office or at home using a local WLAN. The N97 supports easy to use connectivity to other devices which allows the user to connect their new 3G Smartphone to other compatible devices to transfer files with ease. The user can use a Bluetooth® wireless connection between compatible devices or a micro USB cabled connection between USB compatible devices. The connectivity options allows the user to choose the best connection to suit their needs & the EDGE & GPRS technology allow the user to enjoy high speed transfer rates when transferring files between the user N97 Smartphone & other devices. The 3G HSDPA technology allows the user to enjoy a high speed connection to the Web & enjoy the multitasking skills a 3G handset has to offer which allows the user to be on a call whilst browsing the Web. The 3G technology allows the user to enjoy a 3G video calling feature which means the user can see who they are talking to on their large screen for a face to face call. A built in GPS system allows the user to enjoy getting step by step instructions to new locations & with the added supports of Nokia maps complete with a built in compass feature allows the user can see exactly where they are heading.

This highly capable Smartphone comes with a wide range of built in entertainment features which include a music player, radio, camera with video recording capabilities. The music player supports all popular music formats which include MP3, AAC, eAAC, eAAC+ & WMA format. The user can enjoy hearing their music on a compatible headset which can be connected to the Nokia N97 via the 3.5mm headphone connection port. The user can control their music selection using their touch screen controls & control their music volume using the volume controls. The user can view their music selection on their screen as well as viewing their radio selection & RDS information on the 3.5 Inch screen. The radio RDS feature allows the user to view information regarding the station the user is listening to, for a visual experience as well as a wonderful listening experience. A built in camera feature allows the user to enjoy capturing pictures & recording video on their N97. The user can use the 3.5 Inch touch screen in widescreen mode when using the screen as a picture viewfinder. The camera is a five megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss Tessar™ lens. The user can brighten up those darker surrounding by using the built in dual LED flash feature. The camera feature on the Nokia N97 comes with a variety of high quality imaging features & an automatic focus feature which will ensure the best possible focus is gained each time a new picture is captured. The camera supports high quality video capture in MPEG4 format & the user can use the video light when in darker environments. The N97 can play video in popular formats which have been sent from compatible users, downloaded from the Web or transferred from other devices.

This handset comes with 32 gigabytes of built in memory & has a MicroSD™ compatible memory card slot which can hold up to 16 gigabytes of MicroSD™ memory. The Nokia N97 provides a high speed gaming experience which allows the user to enjoy their favourite games on their handset for entertainment purposes & the Nokia N97 comes with N Gage support. A built in Internet browser allows the user to enjoy a XHTML & HTML Web browsing experience on the Nokia N97 complete with RSS Feeds support. The N97 comes with business features & communication features which allow the user to use their 3G Smartphone like a mobile office devices. The user can use a direct email service to stay in contact with friends as well as business contacts & the email service supports document attachments. The Nokia N97 also supports a wide selection of messaging services which include an instant messaging service which allows the user to chat to compatible contacts that are online for an instant online chat
. A SMS text messaging service allows the user to share text input messages with other compatible contacts which is a quick way to stay in contact without making a call. The 3G Smartphone supports a MMS messaging service which is a multimedia messaging service which allows the user to share text & sound complete with pictures or video clips in one single message. The Nokia N97 comes with many Smartphone organiser features which include a phone book, clock with alarm function, calendar, a document viewer & a calculator.

Key Features
  • GPS Navigation & A GPS Receiver
  • Push Email (SMTP, IMAP4 & POP3)
  • Bluetooth® with A2DP Technology
  • 3.5 Inch 16 Million Colour TFT Widescreen Touch Screen (360 x 640 Pixels)
  • Full Slide Out QWERTY Keyboard
  • WLAN Wi-Fi Technology
  • 432 Hours GSM Standby Time
  • 5 Megapixel Camera with Carl Zeiss Tessar™ Lens & Dual LED Flash
  • Music Player & FM Radio RDS
Price: Rp. 4,850,000  -  Second Rp. 3,500,000


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